Webinars for Video Streaming New Products

I’ve been procrastinating on helping people with this but, it’s 2017 and I’m done. I’m ready to help professionals with webinars for video streaming new products or services.

If you are a vendor of goods that are routinely sold through online stores or a coach starting up a new program, you may be an especially good candidate for video streaming.

You may use a phone conferencing system where multiple clients can converse with you about a new product. These types of services continue to be useful. However, a new generation of savvy vendors are finding a greater value in using webinars for video streaming  new products.

Imagine a growing company with several hundred vendors or affiliates. This company has several new products they are ready to make available, but short of sending a sample to every current vendor on their list they opt to use a webinar to debut the new products.

Interested attendees pre-register their attendance using their name and email. By doing so they will receive a thank you gift. To register, there will be information on how the vendor can take advantage of the webinar. On a set date and time, those that registered will gather in front of their computer screen, instead of physically going to a hotel conference room for a seminar, to see the debut of the products.

As part of the video streaming webinar, the company provides practical demonstrations of the product and benefits are fully reviewed. Explanations are provided as to why this product is superior to other similar products on the market.

This alerts the vendor as to the effectiveness of the webinar and allows them to make note of the most responsive affiliates.

In this case, the vendor may be more inclined to promote a product than a website, but using a webinar for video streaming products is used as a means of solid marketing.

That same webinar can be archived and sent as a replay for any vendor that could not attend when the video stream was being sent live.

You want to make the webinar an interactive experience too by asking questions and getting the feedback from your audience.

If you’re a coach or consultant and you’ve got a mastermind group you are forming, this is a great way to get in front of your targeted audience that needs your skills and you can pitch the program and pricing at the end of your webinar.

The use of webinars for video streaming is a growing phenomenon with so many different positive applications. Video streaming provides opportunities for individuals to share footage of their families with other family members. Music and entertainment video streams can be shared. Television shows can be downloaded and best all, business can be done effectively through the use of video streaming technology.

Are you a coach, consultant, or have a product to promote? Make sure you contact us to help you get the word out and grow your business immediately!

Thank you!

Tracy Allen


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